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  1. Hi, I was wondering if I could bring my aunt as my “parent in tow”? And if yes, can she dress up too?

    And if my aunt can’t, can me and my little brother bring one parent and we both pay the “parent in tow” prince?

    • You may definitely bring your Aunt as your parent in tow. Thank you for asking! The discounted price will apply for her only.

      • Thank you so much for answering super quickly! Can my aunt dress up with me?

        • Your Aunt may absolutely dress up with you! We look forward to seeing you at Anime Conji!

  2. I Accidentally deleted my Receipt to get admission even though I bought my ticket at May 9th?

    Is there any way I can still get my badge?

    • Yes! We can search by your name and your PayPal email on site.

  3. Do you guys accept card payments for on-site registration such as Visa, MasterCard, ect? Or is it cash-only?

    • Yes, we take both cash and card.

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