Designer Guests

Anime Conji 2019 presents

Licensed cosmetologist and certified beauty and special effects makeup artist since 2005, wig maker and member of Local 706 hair/make up artists union since 2007, and owner/creator/designer/stylist of Bella Fantasia Wig Designs since 2016. Specializing in classic princess wigs, character wigs, and swimable mermaid wigs.

Hartache Clothing celebrates the colors of the rainbow and flowers that so many of us grew up with when our mothers were artist.The designer, Steven Lopez, has been designing for over 9 years, where he attended school at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise and has been working with Doll Delight for three years traveling to convention fashion shows all over the western side of the country. Hartache dedicates it’s vibrant fashion to the golden childhood of the 90’s, and happy memories of our strong parents and siblings.  Each representation pays homage to an iconic young woman who fought for what they believed in. With courage of conviction, Hartache stands up for what they believed in, even if it meant standing up to loved ones they were trying to protect. Hartache clothing believes that each young woman has the courage within, to express them self with passion, and become a fierce model with a strong sense of self. With out the love, encouragement, and tears, Hartache would not be fashioning today.


His Little Kitten Customs is a geek rave and party wear shop for everyone! What started as a necessity for geek themed Gogo dancer wear, quickly evolved into a passion for fashion and a goal to make every person feel like the best version of themselves. HLK pushes the line between kawaii and flashy in the best of ways. All items are custom made to accommodate your personal style and body type so you feel fabulous.

“Cute Items for Unique People”

Royalty Clothing is a brand that is inspired by Barbie, harajuku fashion, and everything pink. Bold colors, mix and match prints and everything in between, L Royalty Clothing is for the girl who wants to stand out in the crowd. Founded by costume designer & tv personality, Ginger Nichelle, L. Royalty is definitely a brand for those who love to coordinate their look everyday. This collection was made to bring out the Barbie queen in you!

My Hamachi Designs is a fashion brand created by Eunice Wang that uses unique Asian aesthetics and styles to create unique fashion for dogs and their owners. Fashion aside, the namesake of the brand, Hamachi, is also known as the “Harajuku Dog” and can be seen in various LA events sporting various cosplays and fashions, all designed and created by Eunice Wang and My Hamachi Designs.

Once upon a time, there was a Princess who dreamed of fashion. One day she created an extremely girly brand called Sultry Vamps, which grew from a tiny collection of corsets, into a full range of avant garde fashion. From dresses, special occasion, and evening wear, to cosplay, accessories, lingerie and so much more! Immersed in feminine energy and luxury, she now lives happily ever after as the Empress Vainglorious of Sultry Vamps!


Updated: April 29, 2019