Cosplay Guests

Brooke Is A Bee

Brooke is a costume designer and cosplayer, and has been cosplaying for 8 years! She has trained with Broadway, Tony-award winning costume designers, and is very passionate about what she does. A lover of anime, comics, and all things nerdy, she always is excited and eager to learn more and share her passion with others. In addition, with over 100 costumes and multiple variations of “Cosplay 101” panels under her belt, she loves helping anyone looking into cosplaying or costuming, and looks forward to meeting and talking to you at the convention!


ChaiBee is a so-cal cosplayer who specializes in cosplay positivity and entertainment. She officially started cosplaying in 2014, creating her first self-sewn cosplays for her sister and herself as Yang and Ruby, from Rooster Teeth’s RWBY. Since then, ChaiBee’s cosplays and appearances have evolved greatly. Her iconic Eliza cosplay from the Lab Zero Game’s Skullgirls in 2016 garnered great attention, inspiring ChaiBee to share her experiences and skills with others. ChaiBee’s awards include Best Performance, Best in Show, Judge’s Favorite and more. ChaiBee always attends conventions with one goal in mind, to encourage others to take part in the fun and exciting hobby of cosplaying!

Photo by Brian Calilung

Cumberpunch Cosplay

Cumberpunch Cosplay AKA The Wig Dr. was introduced to the world of cosplay in 2004 and has been completely obsessed ever since. In 2010 her skills as a wig stylist began to stand out and is now a nearly full time wig commissioner. She supports and encourages fellow cosplayers as The Wig Doctor, performing miraculous repairs and spreading her knowledge and positivity around every con she attends.


Sgt. Swift Stitch

Sgt. Swift Stitch is the original cosplay medic of Southern California. She volunteers her time to travel to pop culture, entertainment and gaming conventions all over So Cal to provide complimentary costume repair to those attending. Armed with 24 years of sewing and crafting experience she has spent almost 5 years mending snagged seams and crumbling cosplays at conventions from San Diego to Pasedena, California.



Fashionable Cupcake Cosplay

Ari, also known as The Fashionable Cupcake, is a SoCal cosplayer who loves the process of creating costumes and the camraderie of the community. Ari started cosplaying in 2013, but she has been sewing for more than 15 years. She is a skilled seamtress who likes sharing tips and tricks with others through panels and work in progress posts on social media, and she’s also never afraid to start learning a new skill like foam armor or 3D printing! She loves tabletop gaming and fantasy novels, but her favorite thing is anime–particularly mech and fantasy genres! When she’s not cosplaying, she wears Lolita fashion, and dotes on her two very spoiled kitties.

SpacePizza Cosplay

SpacePizza attended her first anime convention nearly 20 years ago and has never looked back. Cosplay has offered her many opportunities allowing her to travel and connect with like minded fans all over the world. She has gone on to participate in and run masquerades at events like San Diego Comic con and other local San Diego and SoCal events. SpacePizza is excited to be returning to Anime Conji 2019.


Jimmy Sherfy regrets that he is unable to attend Anime Conji 2019. 

Updated: May 29, 2019