Sunday Schedule

(All programming are in one hour sessions unless otherwise noted. For example: Programming starting at 1pm will end at 2pm)

Sunday, June 2, 2019

9am-4pm – Registration Opens – Cabrillo Foyer

10am-5pm – Vendor Rio Pavilion Opens

10am-4pm – Open E-Gaming – Cabrillo 1 Room

10am-4pm – Open Tabletop Gaming – Cabrillo 2 Room

10am – Luffy’s Pirate Puzzle Escape! Session 4 – Rio Vista C

10am – Advanced Sewing Techniques – A discussion of intermediate to advanced sewing and fabric craft techniques. This covers a wide range of topics, such as textile properties, tools, garment construction, patterning, tailoring, detail work, finishing, and more. Audience questions are highly encouraged! – Sierra 5 & 6

10am – Disney Cosplay Gathering – West Lawn

10:30am – Manga Character Creation – If you are aiming to make your own manga or story this is your panel! On this panel we will focus on the key points that make character design more attractive and eye-catching.  We will analyze what characteristics iconic characters have and restructure those concepts in an all new original character for your story! – Rio Vista F

10:30am – Waifu Wars! – Do you think your waifu is the best? Defend her honor by competing against other waifus to prove that yours is superior! The winners will recieve fabulous prizes and the losers will have their waifus thrown into the trash where they belong. – Rio Vista G

11am – Tommy Yune & Steve Yun Autograph Session – Rio Vista Vendor Pavilion

11am – Behind the Scenes with English VOCALOIDS – VOCALOID has become a staple of Japanese music Culture. However, few are aware that the technology’s humble origins lie in the western regions of the world. At this panel you will learn about the beginnings of VOCALOID with the first commercial English banks, and how the future of Vocaloid’s success as a musical phenomenon in the United States rests on shoulders Western Producers and fans just like you. – Rio Vista H

11am – Steven Universe Cosplay Gathering – West Lawn

11:30am – Luffy’s Pirate Puzzle Escape! Session 5 – Rio Vista C

11:30am – Cosplay Chess Signups – Sierra 5 & 6

11:45am – Beyblade Battle with Dorah Fine and Laura Stahl – Does your Beyblade have what it takes to defeat Dorah’s (Toko’s) Spiral Treptune?!? We’ll be playing with the Beyblade Burst Turbo Slingshock Rail Rush Battle Set! (If you forget to bring your Bey to the con , don’t worry! We’ll have a few on hand to choose from!)  3… 2… 1… let it Rip!!!!! – Rio Vista G

12pm-1:30pm – Fashion Show & Boutique – The Anime Conji Fashion show is making it’s debut!  With an awesome display of fashions for everyone. From everyday delights that make you feel good and look good to statement pieces when you’re feeling a little bit – or a lot – “extra”; you’ll find it on the runway! – Rio Vista D & E

12pm – CANCELLED Deborah Crane Autograph Session – Rio Vista Vendor Pavilion

12pm – Basic Fabric Painting – Material Fee $1 – Come make a memento of your fun at Anime Conji 2019. Fast. Easy. Fun!  =) Materials will be provided for a $1 fee – Rio Vista F

12pm-1:30pm – Cosplay Chess – Watch your favorite characters battle it out on a giant chessboard. Cosplay Chess will feature human cosplayers as the chess pieces being moved across the board. There’s no excuse to miss it!  Join the fun, and win some awesome prizes! **Signups will be on site this year, and you will be asked to provide the following information: your full name, email, cosplay name, and desired piece/position. – Sierra 5 & 6

12pm – The Adventures of Zone / Critical Role Cosplay Gathering – West Lawn

12:15pm – Creating Creature Voices and Giving Them Character with Kimlinh Tran – Whether they’re filling the scenery or in the limelight as a mascot, creatures have captivated audiences since they’ve hit the screen. However, sound libraries can have inconsistent sound quality, it’s unethical to harm animals for that dramatic moment, and where on earth are we going to get an alien-dragon to star in our game!? That’s where the voice actor comes in to play the part. Bring your growls, yips, and meows, ’cause we’re going to inject them with good ol’ fashioned acting! – Rio Vista H

1pm – Efforts 7 Reactions in Anime & Video Games with Bryce Papenbrook – What’s it sound like to get punched in the face, blown up, or eaten by a Titan? Join Bryce Papenbrook at the efforts & reactions in anime & video games panel and find out! – Rio Vista G

1pm – She-Ra Cosplay Gathering – West Lawn

1:15pm-2:45pm – Lolita Fashion 101 – The Japanese street fashion known as “Lolita” or “Gothic Lolita” can be daunting to jump into, but fear not! The San Diego Lolita community is here to help you take the first steps into this elegant, frilly street style. Learn how to identify good outfits, shop on a budget, and much more. Includes Q&A time with our experienced community members, and a mini fashion show! – Rio Vista F

1:30pm – Dorah Fine and Laura Stahl Autograph Session – Rio Vista Vendor Pavilion

1:30pm – Anime Girl Fight with Steve Yun – As if things couldn’t get nerdier than the Giant Robot Rumble, here comes a panel where the audience gets to argue about which anime girl would win in a fight. Steve Yun presides over an hour of nerdy arguments about imaginary girls.  – Rio Vista G

2pm – Flautist Acacia – Acacia is a flute player with a love of cosplay, video games, and all things otaku! This soloist is sharing her favorite anime themes, video game feels, and more through her music.  She is a graduate of Cal State San Bernardino, having played flute since 2004, and has been a total nerd even longer! She has performed at various conventions as the leader of the Indigo-Go’s Ensemble, and also is a member of the 40th ID Band in the CA National Guard.  Come by and hear what she’s got in store for Anime Conji! – Sierra 5 & 6

2:15pm – Would Senpai Lie to You? – Based on the BBC series with a remarkably similar name that you may have seen clips of on YouTube, Would Senpai Lie To You? pits two teams of brilliantly funny people against each other as they tell tall tales and partial-truths from their own lives while the other team has to guess – is it true, or a lie? The winning team walks away with… well, their dignity, maybe. Possibly. Probably not. – Rio Vista G

2:30pm – Bryce Papenbrook & Kimlinh Tran Autograph Session – Rio Vista Vendor Pavilion

2:30pm – 真夏PROJECT: Starry Summer! – 真夏PROJECT is ready to kick off summer with music from Vocaloid, Idolmaster, Wake up Girls, and many more! Be sure to come by and support us! – Rio Vista D & E

2:30pm – Anime Word Slip – Come demonstrate your cleverness in a battle of wits! Try to get your team to guess your goal word without using the word itself, or a few forbidden key words (can’t make it too easy!), for a chance to win fabulous prizes. – Rio Vista C

2:45pm – CANCELLED – Moon Pride: An Ode to Sailor Moon Crystal with Deborah Crane – Rio Vista H

3pm-4:15pm – Make Your Own J-Fashion Accessory: Material Fee $5 – Come join the San Diego Lolitas as they walk you through making your very own fuzzy star or heart accessory.  – Rio Vista F

3:30pm – Robotech: The Inside Story – Your host, Dexter Odani, will give you a glimpse behind the scenes with a 20-minute documentary (from 1985-86!) of how Robotech was produced. It covers how Harmony Gold USA took 3 Japanese-language anime series and created a legend! A Q&A time will follow, with special guests Tommy Yune (current Robotech producer & Creative Director) and  Steve Yun (Co-Producer: Robotech – the Shadow Chronicles & current Robotech Social Media manager) – Rio Vista G

4:30pm – Closing Ceremonies – After an amazing weekend, it’s time to say goodbye.  Our hosts, Lemar Harris and Andrew J Alandy will take you on a trip down memory lane as they look back on the fun filled weekend and reflect on all the wonderful memories that have been made! – Rio Vista D & E

Updated: May 29, 2019