Saturday Schedule

(All programming are in one hour sessions unless otherwise noted. For example: Programming starting at 1pm will end at 2pm)

Saturday, June 1, 2019

9am-9pm – Registration Opens – Cabrillo Foyer

10am-6pm – Vendor Rio Pavilion Opens

10am-1145pm – Open E-Gaming – Cabrillo 1 Room

10am-11:45pm – Open Tabletop Gaming – Cabrillo 2 Room

10am – The Music of Yuki Kajiura II with John Marr – The music of Yuki Kajiura has given us the joy, sorrow, and soul to many anime soundtracks, including Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Princess Principal, and Fate/Zero.  Join Professor John Marr in this all new panel, as he further explores the genius that is Yuki Kajiura! – Rio Vista D & E

10am – Pirate Puzzle Escape! Session 1 – Rio Vista C

10am – Cosplaying 2D Characters in a 3D World – Learn how to bring anime and videogame characters into our real world in this informative interactive lecture panel about everything it takes to bring 2D favorites to our 3D world–we’ll cover things like choosing fabrics, crafting armor that has no real-world equivalents, and even styling those silly 90’s bangs! – Rio Vista F

10am – Old School vs New School Anime – Join Dexter Odani and crew for a fun, introspective look at some of the best classic old school, and how they have set the stage for your favorite new school anime. – Rio Vista G

10:30am – The Creative Process with Kimlinh Tran – So you’re not here to ask the same technical questions on how to get started in voice acting and instead want to learn about the creative challenges actors face. Or, you’re not an actor, but want another way to appreciate the art form. Let’s wax poetic about the unique perspectives you can bring to your craft, starting from acting and perhaps branching into drawing, writing, and more. – Rio Vista H

10:30am – Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir with Ezra Weisz, Joe Ochman, and special guests! – Sierra 5 & 6

11am – Bryce Papenbrook Autograph Session – Rio Vista Vendor Pavilion

11am – Attack on Titan Cosplay Gathering – West Lawn

11:15am – Building Props with EVA Foam – Join Bob Mogg, the Iron Tailor, as he demonstrates how to build props using EVA foam!  He will share the tools and techniques as he works through several projects, right before your eyes!  Great for beginners and anyone looking to pick up some practical tips. – Rio Vista F

11:30am – Pirate Puzzle Escape! Session 2 – Rio Vista C

11:30am – Adventures in Voice Acting Mini Workshop with Dorah Fine – Dorah Fine (Education Programs Coordinator for Adventures in Voice Acting ‘AIVA’ school) will guide you through basic exercises and techniques from AiVA’s Intro to Voice Acting Workshop & Character Voice acting classes. Get tips on vocal health and warmups, play improv games, and learn some fundamentals of creating characters! Some participants will even get to try their hand at anime audition copy, and Dorah will give a little coaching on performances. – Rio Vista G

12pm-2pm – Feature Film Screening: Stay Alive with Rayko, Kevin Hines, and Dr. Mark Goulston, MD. – Rio Vista D & E

12pm – Kimlinh Tran Autograph Session – Rio Vista Vendor Pavilion

12pm – Miraculous/Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir Cosplay Gathering – West Lawn

12pm – Giant Robot Rumble with Steve Yun – Prepare for the ultimate in nerdy panels: Harmony Gold’s Steve Yun hosts a tournament where panelists and attendees argue and vote over which robots would win in a fight. Sixteen robots will enter the arena, but only one will emerge as the victor! – Rio Vista H

12pm – CANCELLED – Improv for People Who Want to Be Voice Actors with Deborah Crane – Sierra 5 & 6

1pm – Bryce Papenbrook & Laura Stahl Autograph Session – Rio Vista Vendor Pavilion

1pm – Pirate Puzzle Escape! Session 3 – Rio Vista C

1pm – My Hero Academia/Boku no Hero Academia Cosplay Gathering

1:15pm – How Can I Start Cosplaying? Hosted by ChaiBee – Ever wanted to start cosplaying but wasn’t sure where to start? Come learn how to finally start the pop culture hobby everyone’s participating in! In this panel, we will discuss varying aspects of cosplay, from planning and budgeting, to the community and collaboration. ChaiBee will explain her experiences as an intermediate cosplayer in this day and age. Both new cosplayers and cosplay senpais are welcome! – Rio Vista F

1:30pm – The Officer’s Mess: FMA Philosophy and History –Come join the Amestran senior staff for a fun and spirited discussion of the major historical and philosophical themes of Fullmetal Alchemist! We will also be discussing the major relationships of the series, as well as Hiromu Arakawa’s other major work, Hero Tales. Finally, we will be playing a trivia game with prizes! – Rio Vista G

1:30pm – Surviving A Day in Cosplay with Stg. Swift Stitch – You’ve put your blood, sweat, tears, time and money into your cosplay, now its time to wear it to the convention but can you last a whole day? Sgt. Swift Stitch will guide you with hacks for before during and after your convention to make it a great day in cosplay. – Rio Vista H

2pm – CANCELLED – Deborah Crane Autograph Session – Rio Vista Vendor Pavilion

2pm – Anime Conji: Let’s KPOP Random Dance Edition –Have you ever wanted to dance like a K-Pop idol and show your skills? Well, this is the panel for you! At the Anime Conji: Let’s K-Pop, Random Dance Edition, you will show you are the best K-Pop Dancer at the con. Yume Noonas: Hitomi Chan and Fae Lalune will be there to challenge your dance skills. This panel is all about having fun and dancing to your favorite K-Pop tracks. If you know how to dance or don’t, we still want you to attend and take part! Alright Anime Conji, LET’S K-POP! – Sierra 5 & 6

2:30pm – Voice Actor’s Roundtable – Our all star voice actors will take the main stage to discuss anything and everything, from anime to video games and beyond! With Bryce Papenbrook, Kimlinh Tran, Laura Stahl, Dorah Fine, Ezra Weisz and Joe Ochman – Rio Vista D & E

2:30pm – Anime Chopped–Bring your friends and see if your team can create a new anime using our basket of ideas! Teams will have 10 minutes to come up with a pitch for a new anime, but they must use each item in the basket. Do you have what it takes to create the next hit anime, or will your idea be chopped? – Rio Vista C

2:30pm – Comic and Manga Production Workshop with Tommy Yune – Tommy Yune, a veteran of hit comic properties such as Speed Racer, Racer X, Robotech, Voltron, and Danger Girl: Kamikaze, covers modern production techniques of the industry and new options available to hopeful comic creators. – Rio Vista F

3pm – Cosplay Sewing 101 with the Fashionable Cupcake –Have you always wanted to sew your own cosplay, but didn’t know where to start? Then this it the panel for you–we’ll cover equipment, general skills needed, and some cosplay-specific tips and tricks! We’ll also go over things like fabric choices, choosing patterns, and more. This is a lecture-style panel, so now sewing machine required – Rio Vista H

3pm – San Diego Buddhist Temple Taiko – West Lawn

3:30pm – The World of VOCALOID with EmpathP – VOCALOID is a synthetic vocal software developed by Yamaha that has broken down the music barriers in Japan. VOCALOID idol Hatsune Miku has become an international super star, with concerts shown everywhere from Japan, to Taiwan, to L.A. But what else is there when it comes to what exactly VOCALOID is? At this panel you will join producer EmpathP to learn the origins of the VOCALOID Program from its humble beginnings to its limitless future in the world of music production. – Rio Vista G

3:30pm – Idol Piano Concerto by Zeta Flare P – Do you like idols? Do you like piano covers? Well, here is the best of both worlds! Zeta Flare P (the P is for Producer) performs keyboard covers from idol series such as iDOLM@STER and Love Live! – Sierra 5 & 6

4pm – PhEri Mini Concert – Rio Vista D & E

4pm – Dorah Fine Autograph Session – Rio Vista Vendor Pavilion

4pm – Karaoke Workshop 102: Vocal Training for Karaoke Lovers –In this interactive workshop, we will explore some super easy and fun vocal techniques you can use for Karaoke. The will go through Vocal Ranges, Warm-ups, Breath Control, Posture, and so much more. –  Rio Vista C

4pm – Beyblade Cosplay Gathering – West Lawn

4:30pm – The Wig Doctor’s Wig Styling Challenge – Come one come all and answer the Wig Styling Challenge! Those that participate will compete for title of Best Wig Stylist! But before they even touch a single strand of hair they’ll have to compete for the best tools! Sure you might have scored the best scissors, but how are you supposed to brush a wig with a fork?! – Rio Vista F

4:30pm – Sidekicks Take the Stage (again) – Sidekicks take the stage at Anime Conji once again! Join your fellow sidekicks as they navigate their way through their biggest challenge yet, hosting a panel! This panel/workshop will include a for table read of Season 2 episode one read for the first time ever, a chance to be a sidekick (or hero) in the script of your choosing, and some great prizes! We hope to see you there.  – Rio Vista H

5pm – AMA with Bryce Papenbrook – Ask Bryce anything- in this fun, interactive Reddit style AMA session! – Rio Vista G

5pm – Free Time with Laura Stahl –Today’s testing is over, time to play! Laura Stahl, the voice actor of Ray in the English dub of The Promised Neverland is leading playtime! We’ve got games that will test your dexterity, teamwork, and stealth. Let’s see if you’ve got what it takes to survive on the other side of the wall! – Sierra Vista 5 & 6

5:30pm – Anime Jeopardy – How well do you know your anime trivia? Come challenge other con-goers and see who knows more. Clues are taken from all eras of anime, from classics to the hottest shows currently airing. Winners will receive prizes and fame! – Rio Vista C

6pm – Basic Electronics for Cosplay – A crash course in electronics, with a special emphasis on LEDs and batteries. – Rio Vista F

6pm – Cowboy Bebob: A Celebration! – Cowboy Bebop is an anime that many hold as the greatest of all time. After being nearly 20 years old, the classic still captures the attention of all who watch. Why? This panel will be used to celebrate the beauty that is Cowboy Bebop: the themes, art, and more which cemented its position in the anime hall of fame. –  Rio Vista H

6:30pm – Robotech Industry Panel – Steve Yun and Tommy Yune of Harmony Gold presents the latest developments in the Robotech universe, from awesome new toys and comics to the live action film in development at Sony Pictures.– Rio Vista G

6:30pm – The Indigo-Go’s Ensemble – Sierra 5 & 6

7pm-9:30pm – Masquerade hosted by Lemar Harris and Andrew Alandy. Opening by PhEri. Half Time by VOCAMERICA Encore. The Anime Conji Masquerade is back!  This cosplay and performance competition puts the creative talents of the anime community on display for all to see! Contestants show off their best costumes and funniest skits to compete for certificates, prizes, and glory. **Interested in strutting your stuff on the big stage? Stop by the Green Room (Rio Vista A) on Friday  from 3pm-8pm and Saturday from 9am to 12pm to register for the contest!– Rio Vista D & E

7pm – Shofukan Kendo Dojo: Live Demonstration – West Lawn

7:30pm – Live-Action Anime Adaptations: Pass or Fail? With Dexter Odani – Dexter Odani will be taking a comprehensive look into anime series that have been adapted into either a live-action movie &/or TV series, and will review- Rurouni Kenshin, Gatchaman, Space Battleship Yamato, Ramna-1/2, G-SAVIOUR (Gundam), Lone Wolf & Cub,City Hunter, Initial D and now Robotech and many more! – Rio Vista H

7:00-11:45pm – Open Karaoke –”End the night in the spotlight by singing your favorite songs to your senpai with Late Night Karaoke!” – Rio Vista G

7:45pm – Comic to Animation with Lee Kohse – Tommy Yune (Robotech, Speed Racer) and Lee Kohse (Voltron, Star Wars, Speed Racer) talk about the art of storytelling and how comics and manga relate to animation. See storyboards and learn the creative process of turning a comic into animation. Moderated by Johnny Kolasinski. – Rio Vista F

8pm-11:45pm – Anime Video Programming – Rio Vista G

8pm-11:45pm – Saturday Night Dance with DJs Eddie-Q, Lost In Time, Star-K Music, Rainy * – Sierra 5 & 6

9pm – How to Adult – Are you young and worrying that you don’t know if you’re ready to adult? Are you an adult and wondering if you’re doing it right? Well, if it’s any comfort, I don’t know if I’m adulting “right” either, but what I’m doing is working for me so I’ll share it with you. Join me, Victor Frost, and I’ll show you my tips, tricks, and thoughts on skills that have helped me successfully adult so far. And maybe, just maybe, we can survive this. – Rio Vista F

9pm – Retro Gaming Today – A talk on how the video games and technology of yesteryear are still relevant today. This is influenced by hobby of taking people’s photos with a Game Boy Camera (Instagram: thatguywithagameboycamera) and my recent interview in the LA Times for “Game Boy at 30”. I know I’m late on the deadline. Still give this consideration. I’ll also purchase an Artist Alley space for what I do later. – Rio Vista H

10pm-11:45pm – Anime Singled Out (18+ only) – Ever wondered if Senpai noticed you? Your host, Andrew J Alandy, will make sure that Senpai does!  Come join con-goers for the return of a classic dating game. We take the whole audience and our hot seat male or female will eliminate contestants until there are four left. We will ask open ended questions and the audience will choose the winner.  (For entertainment purposes only)– Rio Vista D & E

10:30pm – Free Range Art Jam! – Just what is ‘Free Range Art Jam?  Free Range Art Jam is a perfect place where artists can get together and work on projects, sketch or doodle, and get to know each other.  Join us for some fun mini contests and little prizes! – Rio Vista F

10:45pm – Who Line Is It Anime? (18+ only) – Inspired by the similarly-named hit TV series, join Late Comedy Showcase 2016 finalist Ben Paddon has he pits improv comedians Lemar Harris, Tyler McPhail, Marcelous Sammuel and Shelby Mcweeb against each other in entirely improvised games of wit, cunning, prompts, and audience participation – voluntary or otherwise. Entirely improvised and utterly unrehearsed, only one thing is certain: The points don’t matter. – Rio Vista H

Updated: May 28, 2019