Friday Schedule

All programming slots are one hour sessions unless otherwise noted in the chronological schedule below. For example: Programming starting at 1pm will end at 2pm. We have included a map at the bottom to help you find your way.

Friday, May 31, 2019

11am-9pm – Registration Opens – Cabrillo Foyer

12pm – Vendor Pavilion Opens

1pm – CANCELLED – Deborah Crane Autograph Session – Vendor Pavilion Autograph Table

2pm – Ezra Weisz & Laura Stahl Autograph Session – Vendor Pavilion Autograph Table

2pm – Anime Charades – The classic parlor game with an anime twist. Contestants will be given a choice of a popular anime series or character, and they then need to act it out (without words) for the audience to guess. – Rio Vista C

2pm – As a Pro Questions with Kimlinh Tran – How did she get into voice acting? What was it like voicing for these characters? How much did the industry change over the past 10 years? What’s her average time in putting a 300 piece jigsaw puzzle together? Ain’t got time to Google and listen to past interviews! You can ask your questions here instead! – Rio Vista G

2pm – Sailor Moon Cosplay Gathering – West Lawn

2:30pm – Morality for Muggles- Ethics and the World of Harry Potter with Dorah Fine

Join Dorah Fine to discuss how J.K. Rowling weaves stories in the World of Harry Potter that explore ethical topics. (Ex. Prejudice, Jealousy, Forgiveness and Repentance and more.) This panel inspired by the book, Morality for Muggles by Moshe Rosenberg. – Rio Vista H

2:30pm – Anime Art Workshop with ChaiBee Want to learn how to draw iconic anime characters? Check out ChaiBee’s Anime Art panel! Both newcomers and veterans of art are welcome! This workshop will show you how to draw your favorite anime characters, plus fun games and challenges to show off your skills! – Rio Vista F

2:30pm – Iron Cosplay Signups – Sierra 5 & 6

3pm – Iron Cosplay Competition hosted by Sgt. Swift Stitch & Fashionable Cupcake Cosplay- Do you have what it takes to win this epic cosplay challenge? If so, join us! – Sierra 5 & 6

3pm – Star Wars Cosplay Gathering – West Lawn

3:30pm – Kimlinh Tran Autograph Session – Vendor Pavilion Autograph Table

3:30pm – Anime Debate – Come debate random topics and sway the crowd to your side! This 4 on 4 based debate panel is fun for the whole family. Winners will be able to defend their throne until another team takes them down. Don’t miss your chance to win fabulous prizes!– Rio Vista C

3:30pm – Who the Hell is Laura Stahl? This is your classic Q&A with Laura. Find out how she went from bookworm musical theater nerd to literal anime character! Everybody has an origin story. Now’s the time to discover hers! – Rio Vista G

3:30pm – Ask a VOCALOID Voice Actor with EmpathP – EmpathP is a music producer who has the pleasure of providing her vocals for the Vocal Synthesis software “DAINA”. Now she’s ready to share her stories on the process with you all. Come with questions and get some answers as EmpathP gives you the inside scoop of her experiences creating a VOCALOID. – Rio Vista H

4pm – How to Wig with the Wig Doctor – New to wigs? Does the thought of having to style a wig terrify you? Is it really possible to spike a wig or is everyone on the internet lying? The Wig Doctor is here to teach you everything you need to know about the basics of wig styling! – Rio Vista F

4pm – Pokemon Cosplay Gathering – West Lawn

5pm – Opening Ceremonies San Diego’s First and Finest Anime Convention is back!  With the comedic styling of your host, Lemar Harris and the sweet melodies of Indigo-Go’s Ensemble, Anime Conji is kicking off with a bang! – Rio Vista D & E

6pm – Making a Living Being Creative with Lee Kohse – Artist Lee Kohse (Voltron, Star Wars, Speed Racer), Editor Aaron Watanabe (DC, Image Comics), and Sean Glumace (Adobe Educator) discuss the business of being creative and how to pay your bills with your creative endeavors. **Win 12 months of Adobe Creative Cloud for the best question asked during the Q&A session, courtesy of Sean Glumace and Adobe. – Moderated by Johnny Kolasinski. – Rio Vista F

6pm – Q & A with Joe Ochman – Rio Vista G

6pm – How to Wig Better with the Wig Doctor – Are you fairly comfortable with wigs? Want to take your styling game to the next level? The Wig Doctor can help! Go beyond the basics and learn advanced spiking techniques, ponytails and pigtails, glued hairlines, and the fine art of ventilating! What is ventilating? Come and find out! – Rio Vista H

6pm – The Official Anime Conji Scavenger Hunt –Make sure to pick up your list for the scavenger hunt! Scour the convention floor and use your phone to take pictures of everything on the list. The first to bring it back completed wins the grand prize! – Sierra 5 & 6

6pm-12am – Open E-Gaming – Cabrillo 1 Room

6pm-12am – Open Tabletop Gaming – Cabrillo 2 Room

6:30pm – Karaoke Workshop 101: Tips, Tricks, and More! – This workshop will guide you through all the essentials – Karaoke through the ages, the perfect songs to pick, classics and crowd favorites, awesome venues to choose from, tips and tricks, and more! We’ll have you serenading with spirit, rapping with resolution, and crooning with courage!– Rio Vista C

6:30pm – Hyperactive Slackers Concert – Live Music Performance– Rio Vista D & E

7:30pm – From Another World: History of Isekai Anime – There are tons of “isekai” anime titles available these days, but did you know that this style of storytelling has been popular for many years? Come explore the history and appeal of the “transported to another world” anime genre in this interactive lecture. – Rio Vista F

7:30pm-12am – Open Karaoke Hosted by Lemar Harris – “End the night in the spotlight by singing your favorite songs to your senpai with Late Night Karaoke!”– Rio Vista C

8pm – Free Range Art Jam –Just what is ‘Free Range Art Jam?  Free Range Art Jam is a perfect place where artists can get together and work on projects, sketch or doodle, and get to know each other.  Join us for some fun mini contests and little prizes! – Rio Vista F

8pm-12am  – Welcome Dance with DJs Eddie-Q, Lost in Time, Star-K Music, and Rainy*

8:30pm-9:45pm – VOCAMERICA Vocaloid Concert – Rio Vista D & E

9pm – Adventures in Advertising: Commercials of Japan – Have you heard of Long Long Man? Or why An-chan cut the roof of his car off? Maybe you heard about Haagen Dazs in space? No? Well, then you must not watch a lot of Japanese commercials. Which, frankly, is a shame, because they are some of the most entertaining commercials out there. But why? Join Victor Frost as he shares his research and walks you through the world of advertising in Japan. You’ll learn about common tropes, the stories they tell, and how they compare to commercials here in the USA. – Rio Vista F

10:30pm-11:45pm – HAHA – BallZ Comedy Hour (18+ only) Hosted by Lemar Harris – Join your host, Lemar Harris, for comedy from So-Cal’s best of the best in anime and nerdy Stand-Up. – Rio Vista D & E

10:30pm – Cosplay on a Budget with Sgt. Swift Stitch – Cosplay can be a very expensive hobby but it doesn’t have to be! Join Sgt. Swift Stitch the Cosplay Repair Medic to learn tips and tricks to more afforable cosplay. No need to smash that piggy bank! – Rio Vista F

10:30pm – The Truth (18+ only) Hosted by Ezra Weisz The ever popular show, The Truth!, is back!  hosted by the amazing Ezra Weisz. An audience participant will pick a random topic out of a box, and everyone on stage will be bound to tell a true story based off the topic.  Could be tame. Could be wild. Either way, no holds barred- and no lying either! – Rio Vista F


Updated: May 30, 2019