Join us for the Anime Conji

Summer Masquerade!

Thank you for your interest in participating in Anime Conji’s Masquerade!

All required fields must be completed in order to submit. Once received, the Anime Conji Masquerade team will send you a confirmation email indicating that your entry was received and accepted.

Please note that any groups with more than 1 member need to only fill out the registration form once, so please do not submit multiple forms for a group entry. If your group has more than 4 members, please email: to explain the situation.


The Anime Conji Masquerade has a limit of 15 entries and will accept entries on a first-come, first-serve basis.

There will be on-site walk-on registration, so if you miss the deadline or are unable to register online, you may register at the event. Group entries with more than 4 members will not be accepted as walk-ons.

Walk-on registration will take place at the Information Desk during the following times:
Friday, May 31st from 3pm- 8pm
Saturday, June 1st from 9am-12pm

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at:

Anime Conji Masquerade Official Rules

Welcome to the Anime Conji Masquerade! We’re excited you’ve chosen to take part in our show. Please read the following document and familiarize yourself with our rules.

Please remember, by respecting the rules and procedures of this competition, you help ensure that everyone receives equal and fair treatment. We want to give stage time to as many contestants as we can support, while attempting to provide a fair and safe environment in which to compete.

The Rules:

If you violate any of these rules, you will be disqualified and/or dropped from the competition.

  1. All contestants must possess an Anime Conji badge.
  2. Registered Staff or Volunteer members of Anime Conji are not eligible for any awards and may only compete as Exhibition entries.
  3. All entries must turn in their paperwork, music, and documentation to the Masquerade staff before Saturday at 12 PM.
  4. All solo entries are granted 90 seconds on stage. All entries with 2 or more participants are granted 2 minutes on stage. You may use less time, but if you exceed the limit, you will be ineligible for any award. Additional time for large groups or Exhibition entries will be given on a case-by-case basis.
  5. Costumes and content must be rated PG. Nudity and sexually explicit content is strictly unallowed. All costumes must be beach legal, and skits should not include overt sexuality or strong language. Entry content will be screened and inappropriate material will be grounds for disqualification and removal from the competition.
  6. Purchased “complete” and rented costumes may not be entered. Costumes that have been assembled (i.e. “closet cosplay”) or altered in a significant way may be entered. You may credit the maker of your costume if they have an Anime Conji badge, and they will be the recipient of any Craftsmanship awards.
  7. A costume may not be entered in competition if it has won “Best in Show” or “Best in Open/Master Division” at another competition. It may be entered as an Exhibition entry and will not be eligible for awards.
  8. Each presenter may only appear on stage in a single entry.
  9. No live animals are allowed on stage or in the backstage area except for trained service animals.
  10. No materials or effects that will leave a mess on stage, in the green room, or on another contestant’s costume are allowed (this includes glitter, confetti, streamers, silly string, fake blood, etc).
  11. No pyrotechnics or any other sorts of open flame are allowed.
  12. All unusual parts of your skit (including planned falls, costume changes, empty stage time, or other special effects) must be reviewed by Masquerade staff before the show.
  13. Tech rehearsal is required for all contestants. Tech rehearsal will run from 3 to 4 PM. All members of your entry must attend. Costumes and props are not mandatory, though we recommend bringing all large props and backdrops on stage to practice with them. Each group is allowed 2 practice performances on stage.
  14. Craftsmanship judging is not required, but is encouraged. You may elect to have only a part of your costume judged, such as a prop or wig, or members of a group may be judged separately. Each entry will sign up for a craftsmanship judging slot from 1PM to 3PM on Saturday. Slots are first come, first serve. Green Room judging will be granted on a case-by-case basis to large groups, groups with unwieldy costumes, or groups who cannot make earlier appointments due to extenuating circumstances.
  15. All contestants must comply with any directions provided to them by Anime Conji Masquerade Staff. Failing to cooperate with staff may result in disqualification.

Division Placement:

Entries will be placed in the Novice, Journeyman, or Master Division. A group entry will be placed in the division appropriate for its most experienced member. Any questions about division placement should be brought to the director for discussion. These divisions are designed to promote fair competition among equals, and judging will be conducted amongst a division’s members, not against all entries in the competition.

If you’re not sure whether you should consider a past competition to be a major regional competition or a local competition, please ask the director. The size of the event and number of contestants in the competition will be considered. San Diego Comic-Con, FanimeCon, and AnimeExpo are considered major competitions, while SacAnime, Anime Banzai, and Anime Los Angeles are considered local competitions.

For this competition, any person who made more than half of his or her annual income from costuming in any of the last 5 years qualifies as a “professional.” Any competitor may enter in higher division than they are placed.

In the event that there are not enough participants in any single division, the Masquerade Director will group the participants by division in the fairest way possible. (For example, if there is only one Journeyman-tier competitor, they will compete in the division best suited to their personal level of experience.)



  • Any competitor may enter in the Master Division.


  • Professional costumers may not enter in the Journeyman Division.
  • If you have won any award in the Open, Master, or other top-level division at a major regional competition, or at any previous XXXCON, you may not enter in the Journeyman Division.


  • Professional costumers may not enter in the Novice Division.
  • If you have won any award at a major regional competition, you may not enter in the Novice Division.
  • If you have won more than 3 awards in local competition, you may not enter in the Novice Division.


    • Any presenter may enter in the Exhibition Division.
    • The Exhibition Division is a non-competing division. Exhibition entries are not judged for either presentation or Craftsmanship, nor are they eligible for any award. They must still adhere to all rules listed above. Exceptions will be granted on a case-by-case basis at the director’s discretion.

Hints, Suggestions, and Additional Info:

  • For audio tracks, we accept only audio files in .mp3, .wav, or other audio format on USB drive (AKA thumb/flash drive). We DO NOT accept CDs, Audacity/Garageband projects, or movie files. Audio files must be under 10 MB. We cannot play or rip music off of phones or portable MP3 players. All audio files must be turned in by 12PM Saturday, when registration closes.
  • You will not have access to a microphone. During presentations, the MC is the only person with a microphone. Spoken narrative should be pre-recorded or provided as a script for the MC. We recommend Audacity or Garageband for recording and mixing masquerade audio files.
  • If you’re entering a re-creation costume, bring documentation. An 8 ½”x11” color print of your source should be sufficient to show the judges what you’re trying to recreate. The judges have limited time to review your materials, so while we admire those who create entire books of documentation, please keep it to 5 pages or less. Digital media (including laptops and smartphones) are discouraged; paper, please. Please note: We can’t print your documentation for you, so come with your materials ready or check with your hotel to see if they have any facilities. While we will make an effort to return your documentation to you, we are not liable for any reference books or other valuable materials that are not picked up by the end of the convention.
  • If you’re going to have large props or plan to pre-set or leave things on stage, Anime Conji can provide you with ninjas. Anime Conji ninjas are NOT part of your skit and cannot participate other than setting things up and taking them away. If that’s all you need a ninja to do, we highly prefer you to use our ninjas and not bring extra bodies backstage just to bring a chair onstage. But you do need your own (for example, if you have to fly an effect across the stage), please provide your own ninja. We will also have ninjas available to pick up things that are accidentally dropped, as well as to assist contestants up and down the stage stairs.
  • There will be no access to power on stage. Extension cords all over the stage aren’t safe!
  • The default lighting cues are: lights go up, music starts, you come on at stage left, you perform your skit, you leave stage right, music stops, lights go down. While we can make variations on this setup, we are not able to provide complex lighting schemes. If you desire anything other than default lighting or music cues, discuss it when you check in at the Masquerade Desk, and also with the crew during your tech rehearsal, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your requests.
  • If you think a personal or business relationship with a judge will make it difficult for the judge to be objective, please talk to us. We will consult with the judging panel, and we’ll come up with a reasonable course of action.

Judges Instructions:

  • For each award granted, please identify the entry and the competitor being granted the award. For example:
    • You wish to give a child a presentation award for a costume made by an adult. Name the child.
    • You wish to give a Craftsmanship award to the person who did all the beading on a group entry. Name that person.
  • At the award ceremony: start with a short spiel, then name the Award, then the Winner. As the winner(s) make their way to the stage, feel free to talk as much as you like about the excellence that merited the award.
  • If you think a personal or business relationship with a contestant will make it difficult to be objective in your judging, please talk to both the director and your fellow judges about the problem, and we’ll come up with a reasonable course of action.

Updated: February 24, 2019