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2018 Anime Conji Schedule
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Friday, June 1, 2018

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Friday, June 1, 2018

How to Adult with Victor Frost – LP 1 in Destination 1 Room
2pm – 3pm
Are you young and worrying that you don’t know if you’re ready to adult? Are you an adult and wondering if you’re doing it right? Well, if it’s any comfort, I don’t know if I’m adulting “right” either, but what I’m doing is working for me so I’ll share it with you. Join me, Victor Frost, and I’ll show you my tips, tricks, and thoughts on skills that have help me successfully adult.

Anime Conji Fashion Show – Main Stage in Compass Ballroom
The Anime Conji Fashion Show is kicking off the weekend with an awesome display of fashions for everyone. From everyday delights that make you feel good and look good to statement pieces when you’re feeling a little bit – or a lot – “extra”; you’ll find it on the runway.

The Cosplay Lifestyle: Making the Extraordinary your Ordinary – Workshop in Destination 3 Room
2pm – 3pm
Now more than ever, cosplay is no longer just a hobby. Cosplay not only brings people together but can also become a lifestyle. Join us for a discussion all about how cosplay can enhance your health, relationships, and profession.

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club ES – LP1 in Destination 1 Room
3:15 pm – 4:15 pm
Have you ever wanted to ask the members of the iwatobi swim club questions about anything and everything? Then this panel is for you! The members of the Iwatobi Swim Club and the captain of the Samezuka swim team are here to entertain you and answer your questions!

How To Make Cosplay Props On A Budget – Workshop in Destination 3 Room
3:15 pm – 4:15 pm
While cosplay being an expensive hobby, many cosplayers will go to a great lengths to resemble a character they love so much. To a character, the outfit and hair are the most important components, but as fans we would want to incorporate props in order to really bring the character to life; yet, costumes and wigs are expensive enough. In this panel we will be giving tips and tricks on how to make cosplay props on a budget. By using a power point presentation and physically bringing con-safe props made by panelist. We will go into depth of budgeting, where/what materials to buy, how to construct props, buying props and more! Followed by a Q&A.

Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir with Ezra Weisz – Main Stage in Compass Ballroom
3:30pm – 4:30pm
Join your host, Ezra Weisz (and ADR director of Miraculous) for a panel filled with fun, sneak peaks and surprises!

Fashion Boutique 4pm – 6pm – Navigator Room

8 Bit Jazz Heroes – Live Music Stage at the Pool Terrace
4pm – 6pm

Wigs: How Not to Suck at Them – Workshop in Destination 3 Room
4:30pm – 5:30pm
So you’ve slaved away for months on your newest cosplay, but now you’re stuck on the final piece: the wig. Come to this panel with a character in mind and the Wig Doctor will help guide you in your quest to keep your wig from looking like a hot mess! There will be several practical demonstrations of basic styling techniques as well as tips and tricks to working with cheaper wigs.

Intro to Voice Acting with Morgan Berry! – Main Stage in Compass Ballroom
4:45 pm – 5:45 pm
Do YOU want to be a voice actor? Have you ever wondered what it was like to jump into the world of voice-over? Well then this is the panel for YOU! Join Morgan Berry as she gives you the steps to success within the voice acting industry!

Sidekicks! A Podcast Adventure – LP1 in Destination 1 Room
4:45 pm – 5:45 pm
Do you have what it takes to be a sidekick or a hero? Join some of the cast and the creator of the newest podcast audio play Sidekicks! Find out about the series , have a chance to play one of the characters in a demo scene and win a prize!

Q&A With Kyle Hebert – Main Stage in Compass Ballroom
Wanna know what Kyle Hebert’s been working on recently (that he can talk about, that is, hehe)? Ever wonder about his journey into the voiceover industry? Wanna hear him spout out quotes from his many and varied roles from anime and games through the years? Blow his mind by asking him things out of left field, like what his current ring tone is.

Escaping the Bubble by Wearing One – LP 1 in Destination 1 Room
6pm – 7 pm
Homemade cosplays in cloth and plastic, with air feed to keep cool and look cool. Having Asperger Syndrome, this is my way to be part of the world and not just sit at home in sadness.

Be the Meme! – Workshop in Destination 3 Room
6pm – 7:30pm
Be the meme! We’ll show you a handful of popular memes, and it’ll be your job to go out and recreate them as best you can. Bring some friends and work as a team, or take matters into your own hands and go solo. Make sure to bring a cellphone though, you’ll need it to take a picture of your meme and send it to us. We’ll be sharing them with everyone at the end. Let’s have fun and laugh at the absurdly of the internet!”

Improv 101 with Ezra Weisz – LP1 in Destination 1 Room
7:15 pm – 8:45 pm
Join Ezra for his famous improv (comedy!) workshop- be there or
be square- space is limited for participation

AMV Contest – Main Stage in Compass Ballroom
Seating 7:30 pm
“Welcome to the main event! The one and only Anime Conji AMV contest has returned to take you on a journey of audio and visual indulgence! So, strap in and get ready for the final boss, you’re in for a show of a lifetime.

Swap Meet 8pm – 11pm – Navigator Room

The Official Anime Conji Scavenger Hunt – Activity in Destination 3 Room
8pm – 10pm
Anime Conji Scavenger Hunt
Come join your host with the most and get your search skills on! You and your team will compete for prizes and fame when you search the 4 corners of Anime Conji to find items on the list. Make sure to have your smart phone with you so you can capture photos of your target! First team back with everything wins it all!

High School Zombies! Puzzle Room – LP 1 in Destination 1 Room
9:15 pm – 10:15 pm
Zombies are invading Conji High School! Come and help us solve the puzzles in this interactive escape game. Teams of 4-6 are encouraged.

The Truth (18+), Hosted by Ezra Weisz – Main Stage in Compass Ballroom
ID Check 10:15pm
10:30 pm -12 am
The ever popular show, The Truth! returns to ALA, hosted by the amazing Ezra Weisz. An audience participant will pick a random topic out of a box, and everyone on stage will be bound to tell a true story based off the topic. Could be tame. Could be wild. Either way, no holds barred- and no lying either!

Kingdom Hearts After Dark (18+) – LP 1 in Destination 1 Room
ID check 10:15pm
10:30 pm – 12 am
An interactive 18+ Q and A staring your favorite KH characters with games, prizes and fantasies made real.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Opening Ceremonies – Main Stage in Compass Ballroom
10 am -10:30 am
San Diego’s First- and Finest Anime Convention is back! Join our toastmaster Ezra Weisz, and our special guests for a warm welcome, and kick off your weekend in style!

Anime Conji Guest Lip Sync Battle Hosted by Kyle Hebert – Main Stage in Compass Ballroom
10:45 am – 12:15 pm
Join voice actor, Kyle Hebert, as he rounds up some of the convention guests to showcase what tunes are hiding on their phones. Not really a battle per se, but more like a concert, where wacky shenanigans ensue.

Is This Legal? – LP1 in Destination 1 Room
10:45 am – 11:45 am
Is fan fiction stealing under copyright? What about fan art or cosplay? Join us for an informative panel and debate on the ethics and value of fandom creativity. How do changes in the law, from Net Neutrality to trade deals impact fandom.

Imperial Knights- Women’s Self Defense Level 1 – Demo in Navigator Room
10:45am – 12:15pm
For Women Only. This is a class of practical self-defense, where we provide a series of escalating responses, as well as addressing how to be aware of some of the most common dangers and how to best avoid them.This class is best taught twice over a weekend, as it addresses a specifically sensitive topic, and part of the value of this class is its repeatability.

Cosplaying Supernatural Skin Tones – Workshop in Destination 3 Room
10:45 am – 11:45 am
Ever want to cosplay your favorite colorful character but not quite sure where to start? We’ll show you the ins and outs of cosplaying characters that require colorful face and body paint. Join us for an out of this world panel!

Collegiate Gaming Communities (CGCs) – LP 1 in Destination 1 Room
12pm – 1pm
When thinking about diversity amongst student populations, most colleges and universities tend to have physical spaces, programs, events, etc., where students can come together, form communities, and engage with their identities. However, many college campuses seem unaware of an ever-increasing population that is not on most college administrators’ radar, Collegiate Gaming Communities (CGCs). After discovering that there is very limited research on this topic and virtually none in a Student Affairs context, my ongoing research aims to include the background of CGCs, narratives from Collegiate Gamers, and implications for college campuses to consider in supporting this population.

Hacking Doki Doki Literature Club with Victor Frost – Workshop in Destination 3 Room
12 pm – 1:30 pm
Hi! I’m Monika! In this workshop, we’re going to look at the game Doki Doki Literature Club and see how it works, how it pulls off all those neat tricks, and how we can change it! And maybe, just maybe, we can see where it all went wrong…

8 Bit Jazz Heroes – Live Music Stage at the Pool Terrace
12pm – 2pm

Voice Actors Roundtable: Ezra Weisz, Morgan Berry, Lia Sargent & Kyle Hebert – Main Stage in Compass Ballroom
12:30 pm – 1:30pm
Our all star voice actors will take the main stage to discuss anything and everything, from anime to video games and beyond!

TLX- Stunt Fighting 101 – Demo in Navigator Room
12:45 pm – 2:15 pm
Members of TLX will provide an in depth workshop introducing the basics of fight scene choreography and stunt performance. The workshop will cover many things including basic combinations, reactions, and dynamic motion.

Kingdom Hearts with Cameo Cosplay – LP 1 in Destination 1 Room
1:30 pm – 2:30 pm
It’s an exciting year for Kingdom Hearts. Square Enix hosted its’ first official fan gathering for KHUX, Kingdom Hearts 3 will be out soon, and fandom creativity is booming. Come talk all things KH, what games you love, your favorite fandom content like Project Destati and share your theories for the future!

Q & A with Lia Sargent – Main Stage in Compass Ballroom
1:45 pm – 2:45 pm
Join Lia for a classic Q&A where you can get to know her and her work a little bit better.

Foam Armor 101 – Workshop in Destination 3 Room
1:45 pm – 2:30 pm
For anyone with an interest in learning how to make foam armor. Learn different materials, tools, tips, and tricks on how to create your dream armored cosplay. Whether you’re a novice just picking up cosplay for the first time or you’re trying to learn a new craft. You will leave this panel with a greater understanding of how to fabricate your own armored cosplay.

Zeta Flare P – Live Music Stage at the Pool Terrace
2:15 pm – 3:15 pm

Imperial Knights- Women’s Self Defense Level 2 – Demo in Navigator Room
2:30pm – 4pm
For Women Only. This is a class of practical self-defense, drawing heavily from Krav Maga, this workshop builds on the WSD1 basics, and expands into more complicated situations.

The Art of Direction, with Ezra Weisz  – LP 1 in Destination 1 Room
2:45 pm – 3:30 pm
Come see what the flip side of the coin looks like in the Voice Acting world and learn what it’s like behind the scenes, and what actually goes into making our most loved anime shows from one of the best directors out there!

Learning from Cosplay – Workshop in Destination 3 Room
3pm – 4pm
Cosplay is a constant learning experience–come hear from experienced cosplayers as they discuss what they’ve learned from cosplay, everything from interpersonal skills and public speaking to crafting skills and sewing know-how!

Stardust Remains – Live Music Stage at the Pool Terrace
3:45 pm – 4:15 pm

Doki Doki Chu: Sound in Anime with Victor Frost – LP 1 in Destination 1 Room
4pm – 5pm
Anime can sure look pretty, but how does it sound? Join Professional Audio Engineer Victor Frost as he shows you how anime uses sound and sound design to make desus kawaii and fights over 9000.

TLX- Advanced Stunt Fighting – Demo in Navigator Room
4:15 pm – 5:45 pm
TLX returns to cover the more advanced techniques behind some of the high-flying martial arts in popular Movies, TV shows and Anime, including weapons combat, throws, wire pulls and more.

Turning 2D Into 3D: Bringing Animated Characters to Life with Cosplay – Workshop in Destination 3 Room
4:15 pm – 5:15 pm
Explore how to bring animated characters to life in this informative panel about how to adapt 2D art to 3D costumes! Join experienced anime and videogame cosplayers as we cover topics such as how to choose fabrics, how to design patterns for impossible clothing, and how to adapt ridiculous anime hair to a real-life wig.

Mini Live Concert- Aquarius Love Live! – Live Music Stage at Pool Terrace
4:30 pm – 5 pm

Voice Acting Adventures with Morgan Berry! – LP 1 in Destination 1 Room
5:15pm – 6:15pm
Voice acting is a fun and crazy world! Find out just how crazy it is! Learn from FUNimation voice actress Morgan Berry and learn the “do’s and don’ts” of the voice-over world

Hyperactive Slackers – Live Music Stage at Pool Terrace
5:30 pm – 7 pm

High School Zombies! Puzzle Room – Activity in Destination Room 3
5:45 pm – 6:45 pm
Zombies are invading Conji High School! Come and help us solve the puzzles in this interactive escape game. Teams of 4-6 are encouraged.

Imperial Knights- Weapons Q&A – Demo in Navigator Room
6pm – 7pm
t’s a little review of everything we went over during the weekend, a show of the steel weapons that we personally own, and a chance to ask any for any demonstrations, follow ups, or questions that you didn’t have a chance to address during the rest of the time. Or, just a chance to come say hello before you’ve got to say good-bye.

Anime Conji Annual Masquerade – Main Stage in Compass Ballroom
6:30pm-7:00pm- Seating
7pm – 9:30 pm
The Anime Conji Masquerade is a cosplay and performance competition that puts the creative talents of the anime community on display for all to see! Contestants show off their best costumes and funniest skits to compete for certificates, prizes, and glory.

Interested in strutting your stuff on the big stage? Stop by Programming Ops table on Friday from 3pm-8pm and Saturday from 9am to 12pm to register for the contest!

Autoku 101: Cars for Geeks! w/ Victor Frost – LP 1 in Destination 1 Room
6:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Do you love to cosplay, read, build computers, or play video games? Then congratulations! You have all the skills necessary to customize your car to reflect your geek self AND save money in the process! Join Autoku (auto+otaku) Victor Frost as he shows you how you can truly make your car your own as well while teaching you the basics of car maintenance so you can stay safe on the road.

Anime Jeopardy! – Activity in Destination 3 Room
7pm – 8pm
Move over, Trebek! How well do you know your anime trivia? Come challenge other con-goers and see who knows more.Questions are taken from all eras of anime, from classics to the hottest shows currently airing. Winners will receive prizes and fame!

Super Mario Bros Live w/ 8 Bit Jazz Heroes – LP 1 in Destination 1 Room
7:45pm – 9:15pm
8 Bit Jazz Heroes is coming at you with a new experience! Play some classic Super Mario Bros, while they play the soundtrack- live!

Saturday Night Dance – Navigator Room
8pm – 12am

Free Range Art Jam (All Ages) – Workshop in Destination 3 Room
8:30 pm – 12 am
Just what is ‘Free Range Art Jam? Free Range Art Jam is a perfect place where artists can get together and work on projects, sketch or doodle, and get to know each other. Join us for some fun mini contests and little prizes!

So, You Want to be a YouTuber? with Victor Frost – LP 1 in Destination 1 Room
9:30pm – 10:30pm
So, you want to be a YouTuber. Maybe you’ve seen people go from rags to riches and you want a piece of that action. Maybe you want to share your knowledge with the world. Maybe you just want monetize your cat’s cuteness. Whatever the case, join Professional YouTuber Victor Frost for a discussion about his experiences, the lessons he’s learned, and the troubles he’s faced becoming a YouTuber.

Anime Singled Out (18+) – Main Stage in Compass Ballroom
10 pm -11:30 pm
Ever wondered if Senpai noticed you? Come join con-goers for the return of a classic dating game. We take the whole audience and our hot seat male or female will eliminate contestants until there are four left. We will ask open ended questions and the audience will choose the winner.  (For entertainment purposes only)

HAHA-BallZ (18+) – LP 1 in Destination 1 Room
ID Check 10:45pm
11pm – 12am
Some of the best in So-Cal Anime and Nerdy stand up comedy comes and brings the hard hitting laughs for one amazing night!

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Imperial Knights – Intro to Krav Maga – Demo in Navigator Room
10 am – 11:30 am
Come practice defense with the Knights, this morning we’ll be working through a few simple movements taught in Krav Maga.

So You Want to Translate Anime? – Workshop in Destination 3 Room
10am – 11am
Want to become an anime translator? Interested in learning more about the challenges and decisions anime translators encounter every day? Full-time translator Katrina Leonoudakis talks about her experience translating anime, manga, and video games for the industry, and the unique challenges posed by media localization.

Geek Talk with Kyle Hebert – LP 1 in Destination 1 Room
10:30 am – 11:30 am
Kyle Hebert (Dragonball Z) loves all things pop culture and brings along his wife as a geek-in-training. Let’s chat opinions on movies/tv, games, tech and more. Full frontal nerdity will be on display.

Traditional Tea Ceremony, Hosted by Sokei Sensei – Main Stage in Compass Ballroom
11 am – 12:30 pm
Join Kyoto renowned Urasenke tea ceremony master Takahashi Sokei for a return of the best traditional tea ceremony in the United States! A select few will join Sokei-sensei on the stage, so knowing a little bit of Japanese and tea ceremony etiquette will help; but don’t fret, as our hosts will teach you as you go! Upon the conclusion of this gorgeous ceremony, a few lucky audience members will have the same tea and Ochagashi prepared for them.

G-Moto Flute-Box (FBX) – Live Music Stage at the Pool Terrace
11:00 am – 11:30 am

Voltron Heroes – (with Morgan Berry!) – LP1 in Destination 1 Room
11:45 am – 12:45 pm
Hosted by Morgan Berry (creator of the Voltron Heroes song parody). It’s no secret that Morgan is a huge fan of Voltron! Join her in a fun Voltron fandom meet-up! Discuss ships and swap fanfic recommendations! This is your chance to make friends within the fandom and “Form Voltron!”

Imperial Knights – Intro to Long Sword – Demo in Navigator Room
11:45am – 1:15 am
Ever wanted to see how to use the long sword? Come learn some of the basics of fighting with one of the most iconic weapons of Europe, according to a variety of countries and cultures.

Iron Cosplay Challenge, hosted by Andrea Cash & Jimmy Sherfy – Activity in Destination 3 Room
Signups 11:15 am – 11:45am
11:45 am – 1:45 pm
Do you have what it takes to win this epic challenge? If so, join us! Anyone who wishes to participate may do so there are just a few guidelines to follow at the event.

Infinite Combo – Live Music Stage at the Pool Terrace
12:45 pm – 2:15 pm

Special Autograph Signing- Lia Sargent, Paul St. Peter, Les & Mary Claypool – Main Stage in Compass Ballroom
1pm – 2pm

Steven Universe Universe: Live! with Victor Frost – LP 1 in Destination 1 Room
1pm – 2pm
In this Panel, Professional Audio Engineer and YouTuber Victor Frost will take you from start to finish through the wonderful Universe of Steven Universe! You’ll dig through the characters, the world, and the story to tease out the hidden greatness of one of the most awesome cartoons on TV. This is Steven Universe Universe!

Cosplay Chess – Navigator Room
Signups 1:30 pm – 2 pm
Game 2pm – 3:30 pm
Edward Elric and Sasuke – who would win in a fight? What about Card Cardcaptor Sakura versus Sailor Moon? Ichigo from Bleach versus Ichigo from Tokyo Mew Mew?
Cosplay Chess is the one event where all these questions(and more) can be answered in a brutal, interactive and hilarious team-on-team human chess game played with only cosplayers as pieces! Two chess players duke it out using characters like Lelouch and Kamina to decide which team will reign supreme! Hilarious hijinks and amazing battle are sure to unfold.

Traditional Kimono Workshop with Sokei Sensei – Workshop in Destination 3 Room
2pm – 3pm
Are you interested in the art of wearing kimono? Join Sokei Sensei for an overview of styles, formality and how to wear kimono both in a traditional and contemporary way.

Cowboy Bebop- a celebration of 20 years with Lia Sargent, Paul St Peter, Les Claypool & Mary Claypool 2:15 pm -3:45 pm – Main Stage in Compass Ballroom
Join this talented group as they discuss their shared love of- Cowboy Bebop. From professionals that have been involved with the creation of Cowboy Bebop to voice actors involved , everyone has an interesting tale to share with the audience on how this pivotal anime has touched their lives.

Anime Word Slip – LP 1 in Destination 1 Room
2:15 pm – 3:15 pm
Come test your skills and try not to say the “Key Word”. This game show puts your verbal skills to the test as you try not to say the word that is prohibited. If you do you are out of the game.

Closing Ceremonies & Convention Feedback – Main Stage in Compass Ballroom
4 pm – 4:30 am
After an amazing weekend, it’s time to say goodbye. Join our host Andrew Alandy, as we look back on the fun filled weekend and reflect on all the wonderful memories that have been made!

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