PC Gaming Lounge

The PC Gaming Lounge is sponsored

by San Diego LAN!

Open PC Gaming Hours of Operations:

Friday, June 1st- 4pm-2am

Saturday, June 2nd- 10am-2am

Sunday, June 3rd- 10am- 4pm

*VR gaming, Sunday. June 3rd- 10am-4pm

Room rules:

  1. Do not install any programs or games without consulting a staff member.
  2. You can, and should use your own game accounts on the computers for apps like Steam, Battle net, League Of Legends, etc.  Make sure however to log out of these apps completely before walking away.
  3. No food or drinks while gaming. Please finish your snacks before sitting down. We also suggest washing your hands before and after using the equipment so we don’t spread any germs.
  4. We highly encourage you to play with other convention goers. We will have times where there will be specific games going on in the room and we ask you to play these games during those times. This is to help encourage local multiplayer and hopefully make some new friends (or frenemies).
  5. If you wish to use your own equipment please consult a staff member before plugging in anything of your own, or unplugging anything of ours.

Updated: May 22, 2018