Designer Guests

Designer Guests

Hartache Clothing

Steven Lopez, is a progressive, results-oriented self starter: attended the Fashion Institute of Design Merchandise with a major in costuming and fashion design. Thought out the years, he has worked with Disney, Doll delight, and in 2016 stared in the reality show “The Doll Life” with fashion icon Cyril Lumboy. In the time of the show’s second season he created, “Hartache Clothing”, an unconventional style of couture, fashioning unique garments & accessories for the modern-day woman and princess at heart. Steven grew up with the influence of his mom an artistic florist who engrained the spirit of pursuing ones  dreams and creativity. As his life pursuits continued he developed a sense of ones self. Speaking throw fabric to create a unique tapestry of memories, encouragement, and self expression both to himself and others.


Ms. Limón V is committed to creating sensual and confidence inspiring designs with the Earth in mind, while donating part of profits to charities. This is where the slogan Guilt Free Pleasures comes from. This little brand that could started on January 21st, 2014 in Anndrea’s childhood bedroom, and continues to thrive. Ms. Limón V hopes to expand her platform to organize volunteer events to promote social change and community wellness. Anndrea’s dream for Ms. Limón V is to have a brick and mortar boutique in her hometown to promote the local economy and fashion community. Follow Ms. Limón V on Instagram for more info!

SixOn is a USA-based, gamer-culture driven company, focusing on handmade clothing and game inspired merchandise. SixOn’s products are inspired from video games and anime to create recognizable and unique garments and accessories for the everyday casual cosplayer.

Taking its name from the traditional Japanese sweets, Wagashi is a love letter to Japanese fashion and kimono artisans. Wagashi originated as a school project combining kimono and “sweet” Harajuku styles in hopes of modernizing the kimono market and keeping the craft alive in the 21st century.

Designer Jordan Gormley is a 2016 FIDM Alumni with a particular focus in costuming and the Japanese fashion markets. She draws her style from the desire to bridge fantasy and reality, but also strives to preserve traditions and crafts that are at risk of being forgotten.

Wagashi released its first collection, Peonies and Dewdrops – Spring 2018, at Anime Los Angeles earlier this year. All creations are handmade and one of a kind.

Updated: May 6, 2018